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NYC and AP 29!

December 4, 2013

Hi all,

I recently made a trip out to New York City for the lecture and party for the American Photography 29 book launch. I was so happy and incredibly honored to be in the book, I just had to fly out for the event! Here are some snaps from the trip. By the way, now I know why people are so in love with NYC,  there is so much to see and do, and I felt very comfortable and exhilarated there. 🙂



We arrived late at night, had many drinks, woke up and then it was time to go to the lecture! My first subway ride with a NY bagel. I am totally digging this.


My awesome friend Betsy, who came with me to NY and showed me how to navigate the city. Thank you Betsy!

AP Lecture

The lecture was at SVA, with the jury on stage. This was my favorite moment, my photo being flashed behind these incredible people!!


The AP party. Awesome place, so many photo peeps!




Cocktails with Betsy and her brother, made by her cousin who bartends there. I never had so many incredible drinks! Much walking and pizza came next.


I love NY pizza. In a major way.


American Photography 29

May 6, 2013

AI-AP just announced the winners for American Photography 29. From 9,075 images submitted to the competition, 299 were selected to appear in the book. And I am so excited and honored to say that one of mine was selected. Yee haw! To be in the company of such incredible photographers, and to be acknowledged by the jury is totally thrilling. Thank you AP!

And thank you to my incredible cast of people on this shoot, my wonderful crew, and Treats! Magazine.

Here’s a link:


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