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New series coming…

May 28, 2013


Hi all! I have started a new series of work called “aura portraits.”  I don’t know if auras exist but I like the idea of them for showing a person’s vibe/qualities in a photograph. I also am heavily influenced by 1970’s pop culture, and this is a little part of some of the mystical stuff that people were exploring back then, so I thought it would be fun to explore too. Here is one of the first photos to come out of this project, Courtenay Brandt is the model, who also happens to be my stylist. Makeup by Stephen Bowman, hair by Katie Neutz. Many more to come!

American Photography 29

May 6, 2013

AI-AP just announced the winners for American Photography 29. From 9,075 images submitted to the competition, 299 were selected to appear in the book. And I am so excited and honored to say that one of mine was selected. Yee haw! To be in the company of such incredible photographers, and to be acknowledged by the jury is totally thrilling. Thank you AP!

And thank you to my incredible cast of people on this shoot, my wonderful crew, and Treats! Magazine.

Here’s a link:


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