Playboy Magazine Shoot

My first shoot for Playboy Magazine was so exciting and totally fun! The issue is on the stands now (Jan/Feb 2013), see cover below. A major thank you to Rebecca Black, the new photo editor of the magazine who asked me to shoot for their Year in Sex editorial. Thank you to the two beautiful playmates who were such great sports about being soaked in bubbly water half the day. And thank you to my amazing team: Stephen Bowman (makeup), Courtenay Brandt (stylist), Candice Birns (hairstylist) and my two amazing tech men, Curt Biesterfeld and Todd Stone. This shoot was done at the Playboy studios, talk about a nice building, there are big beautiful silver bunny heads  in the halls, a bar in the lobby, and great art on all the walls. Hef is one cool guy. See my website for a few more pix:





Vovas_4Q0A1041_Final_RGBLB PLAYBOYPOLA009sLB




6 Responses to “Playboy Magazine Shoot”

  1. Jenn Balagot Says:

    Reblogged this on The Days I Live. The Life I Love. and commented:
    My beautiful and amazing friend Stephanie did a shoot for Playboy. Because she’s badass. I LOVE HER! 🙂

  2. stephanie vovas Says:

    And I love you Jen Jen! Thank you so much! xo!

  3. cleareye1 Says:

    Really nice work Steph. You are the tops!

  4. Justin Says:

    What amazing work! You have quite an eye for appealing images. But I have to ask, who is the screaming blond? She’s gorgeous but I can’t find a name to go with any of her pictures. Thanks!

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