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contact info

May 21, 2010

YIKES!!! I just realized to my extreme dismay that my contact info on my website has not been forwarding my email. So if anyone has written me using the link there and not received a response, it’s because I never got your email! Horror! I changed my site about 6 months ago so it goes back to then.

Anyway, my working email address is:

It is now updated on my site. Please write me again if so! Thank you! xoxo



May 7, 2010

haven’t been able to shoot lately, much stuff happening, very sadly, a trip back home to mass. for a funeral. but i am making a drawing every day. here are some of the most recent. should i put these on my “photo” blog? i don’t know, you tell me. hope you laugh. xo

in search of…

May 7, 2010

2 models, a boy and a girl, young (21 or over), thin, and tan with long hair, for a shoot i want to do in a week’s time. know anyone like that?? 🙂

it was a great night

May 3, 2010

such a fabulous party and exhibit! thanks to mopla, smashbox, my friends who came,  my super man tom, and to aviva and stephen, who i would not and could not make photos without. . mmhmmm!!

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