Kat Lei…

May 22, 2014

Kat Lei is a model from Russia, and was a joy to work with! We created a portfolio of images for her one day last month. She hired me to “just do your thing with me.” I LOVE when people say that, haha. Here are the results…

Thank you to my incredible team:

Makeup by Stephen Bowman

Hair by Jayson Medina

Invaluable assistance from Darryl Stephens

















NYC and AP 29!

December 4, 2013

Hi all,

I recently made a trip out to New York City for the lecture and party for the American Photography 29 book launch. I was so happy and incredibly honored to be in the book, I just had to fly out for the event! Here are some snaps from the trip. By the way, now I know why people are so in love with NYC,  there is so much to see and do, and I felt very comfortable and exhilarated there. 🙂



We arrived late at night, had many drinks, woke up and then it was time to go to the lecture! My first subway ride with a NY bagel. I am totally digging this.


My awesome friend Betsy, who came with me to NY and showed me how to navigate the city. Thank you Betsy!

AP Lecture

The lecture was at SVA, with the jury on stage. This was my favorite moment, my photo being flashed behind these incredible people!!


The AP party. Awesome place, so many photo peeps!




Cocktails with Betsy and her brother, made by her cousin who bartends there. I never had so many incredible drinks! Much walking and pizza came next.


I love NY pizza. In a major way.

New series coming…

May 28, 2013


Hi all! I have started a new series of work called “aura portraits.”  I don’t know if auras exist but I like the idea of them for showing a person’s vibe/qualities in a photograph. I also am heavily influenced by 1970’s pop culture, and this is a little part of some of the mystical stuff that people were exploring back then, so I thought it would be fun to explore too. Here is one of the first photos to come out of this project, Courtenay Brandt is the model, who also happens to be my stylist. Makeup by Stephen Bowman, hair by Katie Neutz. Many more to come!

American Photography 29

May 6, 2013

AI-AP just announced the winners for American Photography 29. From 9,075 images submitted to the competition, 299 were selected to appear in the book. And I am so excited and honored to say that one of mine was selected. Yee haw! To be in the company of such incredible photographers, and to be acknowledged by the jury is totally thrilling. Thank you AP!

And thank you to my incredible cast of people on this shoot, my wonderful crew, and Treats! Magazine.

Here’s a link: http://www.ai-ap.com/slideshow/AP/29/?status=selected#


A little trip to Venice, CA

April 23, 2013










Late last year I went to Venice with Stephen Bowman at the urging of Courtenay Brandt. She showed me this incredible spot on the beach where everyone hangs out and skates. And it was a new world to me. (Yes I’m an eastsider haha). I took these pix that day and just came upon them and wanted to share. Thank you Courtenay for showing me this groovy place!!

Sneak peek of Cult denim ad campaign…

April 20, 2013

Well here is a sneak peek from the new Cult denim ad campaign. It was a blast to shoot, an incredible bunch of people, and my first national advertising campaign! Most of the pix are not out yet, but here are some outtakes I can show for now. Can’t wait to release the rest. Huge thank you’s go out to:

Ian Williams, who brought me in, Wendy Stenzel, who took care of business for me, as well as many other supportive things, Cult denim (Ron) and EFG PR (PPW). I was able to bring my dream team on this shoot which made the shoot such a success: Stephen Bowman, Aviva Perea, Courtenay Brandt, Curt Biesterfeld, Todd Stone, Tom Rollason, Peter Figen, Marco Siguenza, Katie Neutz, and some of my favorite models, actors and friends: Cameron Klippsten, Alisa Torres, Andrew Gray McDonnell, Lora Dumasari, and George Wozniak. More soon!





New pictures…

April 20, 2013



Playboy Magazine Shoot

February 5, 2013

My first shoot for Playboy Magazine was so exciting and totally fun! The issue is on the stands now (Jan/Feb 2013), see cover below. A major thank you to Rebecca Black, the new photo editor of the magazine who asked me to shoot for their Year in Sex editorial. Thank you to the two beautiful playmates who were such great sports about being soaked in bubbly water half the day. And thank you to my amazing team: Stephen Bowman (makeup), Courtenay Brandt (stylist), Candice Birns (hairstylist) and my two amazing tech men, Curt Biesterfeld and Todd Stone. This shoot was done at the Playboy studios, talk about a nice building, there are big beautiful silver bunny heads  in the halls, a bar in the lobby, and great art on all the walls. Hef is one cool guy. See my website for a few more pix: stephanievovas.com





Vovas_4Q0A1041_Final_RGBLB PLAYBOYPOLA009sLB



New work of the beautiful (and expecting!) Diora Baird

December 2, 2012

 s_vovas_4101 IMG_4271_web  s_vovas_4117 DIORAPOLA_OCT2012_005sweb  DIORAPOLA_OCT2012_001sweb  DIORAPOLA_OCT2012_020web  DIORAPOLA_OCT2012_002s_web

Makeup by Stephen Bowman, styling by Courtenay Brandt, hair by Katie Neutz.

It’s been quite a year for Diora and I! In January we did a shoot for Treats magazine, I based it on the key party scene in the film The Ice Storm, and now it’s December and she is ready to have her baby boy. Quite the opposite kind of story. I was afraid she would have him before we did the shoot but the little guy is taking his time. As I am making a book of her I didn’t expect this to be one of the types of photos we would end up doing. It is a beautiful surprise to see her about to become a mama with her man Jon. Thank you all so much for a beautiful shoot! More pix on my website soon!


Coming to your newsstand soon :)

November 27, 2012

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